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Mondsee & St. Gilgen

In 2016, when we moved home from England to Hungary, we visited these beautiful places that we have already read a lot about. 

This time, just talk about the pictures for us.

"Mondsee is a town in the Vöcklabruck district in the Austrian state of Upper Austria located on the shore of the lake Mondsee. The town is home to the medieval Mondsee Abbey, whose cloister church was used for the site of the wedding in The Sound of Music. The town is also known for the SKGLB railway museum and for prehistoric pile-dwelling (or stilt house) settlements at Mondsee, which are part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites."

"Sankt Gilgen (Central Bavarian: St. Gieng) is a village by the Wolfgangsee in the Austrian state of Salzburg, in the Salzkammergut region. St. Gilgen is a well-known travel destination. Boats from St. Gilgen sail around the Wolfgangsee, providing transport and views of the surrounding mountains.

In 2005 St. Gilgen was promoted as the "Mozart Village" by the Wolfgangsee Tourist Board. Although Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart never visited St. Gilgen (as he had intended to), his grandfather worked in the town, his mother was born in St. Gilgen, and his sister Nannerl moved there after her marriage. "

Our pictures from 2016 summer

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