The Move & The Beginnings

The Move & The Beginnings

Huba left a few months earlier, deciding to give up his career and start a new life. The first stop on this journey led him to Swindon, The UK cradle of the Honda and the Mini. It took several months and required hard work during this period, but he managed to make enough money to prepare his family's arrival. Meanwhile the life led him to the next stop in the UK, which seemd to be a longer period, Bridgwater. New workőplace, new house, airplane ticket in hand, family packed up. Everything was together. He flew home to meet the familymembers and collect his girls :)

The departure from Hungary was harder than expected. The distance seemd to be so hudge, but it was the time to make that step, together..

How strange, when you start your new life, you are also sad. However, you should be happy. So, I give you a good advice. Try to enjoy it, and explore all the things what this new chapter gives you, and accept these beautiful gifts. It is your life.

Moving to a brand new life

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