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In 2010, inspired by an idea, we decided to take a longer trip to Canada. After quick thinking and planning, we embarked on the adventure in spring. Canada was one of Huba's big dreams and must-see destinations.

The airplane of Austrian Airlines took off from Vienna Airport to Toronto. The flight was comfortable and kid-friendly. The flight attendants provided countless games for children, which at that time was important to us when traveling with a small child.

Oshawa was our starting point for trips. We visited Toronto, Niagara Falls, Lake Erie, and several small and large towns. We hope you will enjoy our visual tour.

Then let's dive into Toronto's vibrant life.

It was an uplifting walk among the skyscrapers of the city center and then we went to see the famous CN Tower, an iconic building of the city that cannot be missed. After passing a thorough security check, we entered to the CN Tower shop, which was full of symbols of Canada and souvenirs referring to its natives. An elevator took us to the sphere, which offered breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The tower has a part, where the floor is made of glass. although we were totally aware that it was safe, we first stepped on it with great excitement. Of course, it didn't cause a problem for our daughter. She bounced happily on the glass with the other children. 

The weather, as the pictures reflect, was not the clearest, which had an impact on the view that unfolded before us. Nevertheless, we had a beautiful and interesting experience.

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The deservedly world-famous Niagara... well, it is a breathtaking sight and hansel, the momentum, the fantastic power, and the beauty of nature. It is an indescribable buzz in itself to experience the milieu of Canada, the spaciousness, and the immeasurable feeling of freedom, but to experience the country's world-famous buildings and natural phenomena live, up close, is a thing that can only be approached with words.

But Niagara Falls has other wonders in store. There's the fantastic bridge that connects Canada to the USA, or the arboretum where you can see fantastic plants if you come in.

The city has many entertainment options, bars, gaming-rooms, and amusement parks. Even walking down the street you can see a lot of interesting things like wax sculptures of famous people, and scenes from movies.

Even the motorcycles lined up in front of restaurants and cafes as if they had been set up for a movie scene.

One of the five Great Lakes in Canada. How many times have I read about this in J.F Cooper's novels and now we are here and can see it! The stories almost came to life before my eyes. I saw the characters paddle, as they docked and hauled the canoes ashore in the light of the setting sun. I was there... The lake stretched out before us majestically and endlessly. 

Of course, our daughter was more tied up by the seagulls, and we had to catch her before she ran into the water after them :)

We hope you enjoyed the visual tour through the pictures with us.
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Thank you,
Orsi & Huba & Blanka

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