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- as an emotional painter, most of my works represent spiritual, thoughtful meanings, holistic perspective, and a mostly feminine attitude. All of the pieces have a transformative effect.

Each of my paintings disperse a specific kind of vibration, that helps us to tune in with their meditative mood and a positive sensation. They fill your home with a really intense and energizing resonance. Symbols are also important in my life, so I usually spread them on my canvas. I believe these powerful effects and colors lead us to experience our higher self, both mentally, spiritually, and physically. This is how they affect our lives from the inside out, in the areas of abundance, success, health, love, well-being, career, family life, relations, and so much more.

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Shoya / Orsolya Budai

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HubArts Photo

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Summer Breeze - Sold

The painting is characterized by an elevated, pure, ethereal atmosphere and vibration. The colors of the bright, fresh, romantic summer sky come to life on the canvas. Tuned to classic musical elements, which help you to feel harmony, meditative floating. At the same time, a sense of luxury is conveyed by the fine, pastel play of colors and the combination of gold and gloss varnish finish.

Parameters: 30x90 cm

Acrylic paint, gold and silver leaf, gloss varnish on stretched canvas, made with palette knives

It can be placed and interpreted in several ways.

Spirit of Fire

This painting is inspired by the spirit of the Fire element. Its masculine energy symbolizes power, strength, dynamism, the spark of creativity, and enthusiasm. In addition, it helps strengthen performance, presentation, and communication skills.

It assists in raising the level of joy and optimism, performance, presentation, and communication skills in our lives. 

During the creative work, mystical, spicy musical elements provided further impulses to give birth to this piece. It was made during the period of Beltane.

Parameters: 40 x 40 cm wide stretched canvas, oil and acrylic paints, gold leaf, glossy varnish finish. Made with palette knives and brushes

Original painting  £ 400 

Ethereal Levitation - Sold

This artwork is a piece of freedom. Its energy leads you to be in a relaxed, elevated mood, to be in connection with your higher self. Additionally, it helps you to escape from the spinning of everyday life with its fine colors and spiritual healing resonance.

Parameters: 60 x 90 cm stretched canvas, acrylic paints, gold leaf, satin varnish finish. Made with palette knives and brushes

Eternity - Just in Time

Here is TIME in the embrace of some interiors. TIME is one of the most important treasures for all of us. It runs out, or slows down, depending on what and with whom we spend it. And actually, it doesn't exist, just in our minds. This piece of art reminds us to live in the present. 

Parameters of the painting: 50 x 70 cm stretched canvas, acrylic, structure paste, sand, gold leaf, 3D processing, glossy varnish finish. Made with palette knives.

Original painting  £ 730

Ocean's Waves

This painting was inspired by the movement of flowing water, waves, the gigantic amount of water of the ocean, its power, and its rhythm. It symbolizes independence, change, movement, rational insight, intelligence, creative thinking in action, depths of the soul, ambition, entrepreneurial attitude, and finances. They are all connected to the Water element. A matching, musical background supported the process of creation once again.

The Symbolism of Gold and White:

The color gold is the symbol of the Sun, Masculinity, the divine, the highest level of knowledge, wisdom, truth, self-esteem, abundance (physical-spiritual-spiritual), wealth, and enlightenment.

The color of silver represents the Moon, Feminine principles, the Mother, supernatural abilities, intuition, emotions, purity, changeability, prosperity, and money. Gold is the metal of kings, and silver belongs to queens. It promotes all these energies in our home.

Parameters: 65 x 48 cm stretched canvas, acrylic, silver and gold leaf, satin varnish finish. Made with palette knives.

Original painting  £ 960

Lady in Pink - Privately owned

This painting was inspired by a photograph from one of the collections of Jimmy Choo, the famous fashion designer. Its resonance helps to fill our home with more feminine, sensual, elegant, sophisticated, clean, graceful, and harmonized energy. These Goddess energies evoke the real Venus in our milieu and support in elevating the Woman inside us. 

Parameters: 30x 40 cm , canvas panel, acrylic paints

Prints available in limited quantities in size A3 

£ 80 


The couple in this painting symbolizes togetherness, Unity, mutual support, thinking in the same way, and Divine love. A couple who create their presence together, by connecting with each other and to the Universe. 
This watercolor painting helps to raise these energies in our relationships and to live self-development in this area.
If you place it in your home, it is guaranteed to bring 'positive' changes in your life. 

Original Painting £ 670

Prints are available in limited quantities in size A3 for £ 70 

Freedom - Privately owned

This watercolor painting has an extremely powerful, energizing, and transformative effect., which helps to connect with the Universe. It symbolizes Beauty, harmony, love, renewal, inner peace, divine grace, vision, artistic inspiration, wisdom. and the analogy of the trinity - body, soul, and spirit.  

Prints are available in limited quantities in size A3 for £ 70


If you would like to have more of a vintage and nostalgic feeling in your home, this painting is for you. 

These monochrome colors easily fit in nearly every interior and fill it with soft, pure, elegant, royal, and classic feminine energies at the same time.

Parameters:  30.5x41 cm watercolor, mixed media painting on paper

Original Painting £ 620

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