Ópusztaszer is said to be the place where the ancient Hungarians governed the country, where decisions were made. This is commemorated by the statues in the National Heritage Park and the deservedly famous Feszty Panorama in the Rotunda, showing the Hungarian's arrival and conquest of the Carpathian Basin in 895. led by Árpád and his chieftains.

In the park, among many modern buildings and technical equipment, contemporary homes, including the ancient dwellings of the Hungarians, the yurt tents, can also be found.

Amazing sculptures, paintings, and scenes present the historical events and outstanding personalities of the Hungarians.

A walk in the park is not only a pastime but a walk that takes you through the history and memories of Hungarians.

We warmly recommend visiting if you haven't already and taking a walk, as well as commemorating this ancient culture. 

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