Well, we have to say, Glastonbury is one of our hearts to this day. We loved to visit on some of our weekends the Tor, the Abbey and the lovely streets of the town with its spiritual athmosphere.  This place is magic in every season. You can feel an esoteric and authentic historic milieu everywhere. On top of that, there are many festivals, events and beautiful people all around the settlement. 

Glastonbury is the netherworld of myth and legend, the cradle of festivals and history, and the burial place of King Arthur. According to legend, the King and his wife Guinevere were buried in the grounds of the Abbey.

So this is also an absolute bucket list place. We warmly recommend it for multiple visits.

And, last, but not least, come and take a look in this beautiful gallery.

We hope you enjoyed this tour. Thank you for your time.
See you again.
Orsi & Huba & Blanka

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