Poems by Orsolya Budai 


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Orsolya Budai


I believe in spirit, in beauty

in the distance of infinity

I believe in moments and sparkling melody

changing and liberal philosophy

I believe in everything that is lovely

what other people think is imaginary

I believe in the happiness of dazzling ecstasy

the past's dark shadows aren't kept in me

I believe in our hearts there is love

while dear children are sent from above

I believe that every agony will pass by

and every bitter fear will fly

I believe in the power of romance

and the respect of all humans

I believe in dewdrops on the grass, in the sunshine

in every otherworldly sign

in the clear beauty of essence

in the forest's peaceful silence

In the twirls of the butterflies, in the flower's allurement,

in the cricket songs on the grassland

I believe in the sky that's turquoise

in the cooling sensation of the breeze

I believe in the birds who sing day by day

singing their serenade like someone who has a lot to say

I believe in you, who is with me

an amazing life with you is what I see

I believe that everyone is one and equal

that our Father is God the creator of all

and I believe, that everyone was born of noble reason

its soul feels the divine instruction

when the heart's immense pain gets its way

heavy tonnes can't push its belief away

it lifts its head up to see the sky

and away life's cuts fly

I believe in hugs and true Love's kisses

in words and in promises

I believe in the whole family

where parents and grandparents protect wisely

I believe siblings cooperate in their lives

in our children's starry eyes

I believe in the future and in the past

in the moment and the last

I believe that life will emerge from me

I will find every joy and beauty

I believe in the soul and eternity

in peace and harmony

I see the worries and difficulty

I walk a path both smooth and stony

I won't forget the infinite power of the firmament

The Universe's rich present

I accept all the world's wonderfulness

each day, I spend with happiness


Translated by: Orsolya Budai & Blanka Fekete