Our Band New Life in Bridgwater ... again :)


Many years ago, in 2011, we decided to continue our lives in England. Our daughter was 4 years old that year, so the timing was perfect for her to start school there. He attended English classes from the age of two ... so fitting in was somewhat easier. Our new home is Bridgwater in Somerset. Years passed and we went through a lot. We had many, many experiences, and besides, I really missed my family. So, in 2016, we decided to move back to Hungary. Six years passed again, and after preliminary planning, we decided to move again. A new stage, the support of our grand daughter's artistic studies in a country where her future is open, became the goal. We also opened the door to many opportunities for us. Work, study, discovery and lots of trips, photography and experiences. This time we choose Bridgwater again. But this time, it is a really nice chapter in our life. 

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